Payments & Refund Policy

Why we do not do meetings

Designduedate is  a design studio located in Furn El Chebek Lebanon.  We work for the mena region. Many clients located in Lebanon are asking to meet us or to visit our studio and we can not do that no more. For that reason, we want to apologize to all and informing all that by the beginning of 2019 we can not attend any meeting no more.
We prefer email communication, and we have whatsapp for a fast support.


Payment can be done by bank transfer/ Western Union/ OMT.

Refund Policy

1- Through our email communication, and after the approve we begin working on what ever product/service the client have purchased. Before that the refund can be 100%, after this step we can not refund because the work have already started.

2- If the client have ordered a product from us, and it was not like what we agreed on, we assure that we will follow this up. But usually that doesn’t happen because we keep record of the emails information and we open documents so such thing do not happen.

3-If the client give us wrong information and after we have started the job he noticed this. Then he demand a refund, obviously we can not refund, so for this reason we ask that the client do a lot of revision on the information given so such a mistake do not happen. We can fix that by a small fee added on the invoice.